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Preparing for Sadhanapada

Are you looking to apply for Sadhanapada at the Isha Yoga Center, but need guidance on how best to prepare for Sadhanapada to ensure you make the most of the tremendous growth opportunity on offer?

This is a guest post from a Sadhanapada Alumni — Baran shares his first-hand experience and tips to prepare you fully for your stay in the Ashram.

Sadhanapada — Time for Transformation

What is Sadhanapada?: Sadhanapada is a residential program happening at the Isha Yoga Center, India. Whether one is looking to take a sabbatical from work, a gap year from studies, seeking spiritual growth, or just time away for oneself — these 7 months prepare one to live with a renewed sense of joy and aliveness by enhancing the body, mind, emotions, and energies.

The program has been designed by Sadhguru and takes place every year from Guru Purnima (usually July) to Mahashivratri (usually February/March). An opportunity to live in sync with nature without worrying about — food, stay, sadhana support so that after the program one can live with - Balance, Clarity, and Intensity.

First, a bit about me.

My name is Baran. I am 36 years old from Australia. Before Sadhanapada I had a very supportive family, amazing friends, was in a relationship with my girlfriend for 7 years, built a promising career in the banking sector, owned property and frequently holidayed overseas. After attaining “the material dream”, I was somewhat happy but felt only half-alive, as if something deeper within me was longing for clarity and to find a deeper insight into life.

Finding myself at crossroads, I left it all behind to travel. But after some time, every mountain, waterfall, and city all felt the same and didn’t give me the answers. It was in a hostel in Goa where someone introduced me to Sadhguru’s YouTube channel and talked my ears off about this so-called ‘Inner Engineering’ program. The rest is history!

Fifteen months since completing Inner Engineering, my family still doesn’t understand what Yoga is all about; they think I have gone totally mad. But when my parents see just how joyful I have become, I know I have their support.

aran before and after Sadhanapada


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